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Sync your repository and create a pull request, branch or tag

Your project can contain any number of repositories from GitHub, GitLab or Bitbucket. In addition, Self hosted git repositories are available as an option for self hosted tugboat instances. Once your repository has been synced, a good place to start is usually the master branch to generate your first Tugboat Preview.

Tugboat automatically builds a complete working website

The build stays around as long as you need them. Full access to log files and command line for every container. Simple static HTML websites build automatically if the web content is inside a docroot folder. If the web content of the repository is in a different location you will either want to move your content to the /docroot folder or create a build script.

Share a secure url for viewing anywhere on any device

You no longer need a “local” environment to collaborate with your developers. Click a link to preview any site change and give immediate feedback to your team. Or share with your peers for their feedback.

The Tugboat app experience redesigned by Lullabot designers, with developer needs and feedback as the highest guiding priority.

Pricing, As Straightforward as It Gets

Each monthly plan includes unlimited users and unlimited repositories.

Storage CPU RAM Suspend Price
Free 2 GB 0.5 512 MB 15 Minutes $0 Free
Nano 5 GB 0.5 512 MB 15 Minutes $9 Buy
Starter 10 GB 1 1 GB 30 Minutes $29 Buy
Pro 40 GB 1.5 1.5GB 45 Minutes $99 Buy
Premium 100 GB 2 2 GB 60 Minutes $199 Buy

For Enterprise

More disk space, dedicated hardware and VPN support. Or go self-hosted for full control.

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For Charity

Building for the greater good? We support open-source and non-profit projects.

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Tech Specs

  • Works with Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab.
  • Host your production site anywhere you want.
  • Automatic tear downs of site previews when a pull request is successfully merged.
  • Robust build API. Intercept events in Tugboat to sanitize the database, run tests, etc.
  • Starter kits and tutorials for most Content Management Systems.
  • Unlimited users, unlimited repos and unlimited builds.