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Tugboat for Enterprise gives you the clarity, collaboration, and control you need to power your development process—company-wide. And with unlimited team members and more disk space, it scales to fit your business needs, no matter how big or small.
  • Trusted by these premier brands:
  • Grammy
  • Bravo
  • Syfy
  • Intel
  • Penguin Random House

Dedicated Hardware

Enterprise Tugboat runs on the Linode cloud server. Whether you’re just getting started or deploying a complex system, Linode offers the fastest hardware and network in the industry. All plans come with native SSDs, a 40Gbps network, and Intel E5 Processors which are the fastest processors in the cloud market.

VPN Support

A Virtual Private Network is a tool for creating networking tunnels between and among groups of computers that are not on the same local network. If your business wants to remotely access services on a local network without making them publicly accessible Tugboat can encrypt all VPN traffic to provide a secure connection between machines.


Often security and administration policies don’t allow for externally hosted services. We offer a self-hosted plan to run Tugboat within your own network and be administered by your team. The self-hosted plan comes with assisted setup, dedicated support and ongoing maintenance of Tugboat, including patches and updates.

Enterprise Pricing

Host in our Cloud or behind your Firewall.
Every plan comes with VPN support, dedicated infrastructure, unlimited users, and unlimited repositories.

Storage CPU RAM Suspend Price
Tier 1 200 GB 6 16 GB 2 Hours $499/month Contact
Tier 2 400 GB 8 32 GB 2 Hours $899/month Contact
Tier 3 800 GB 12 48 GB 2 Hours $1,999/month Contact
Self-Hosted Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $2,499/month Contact

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Tech Specs

  • Works with Github, Bitbucket, and Gitlab.
  • Host your production site anywhere you want.
  • Automatic tear downs of site previews when a pull request is successfully merged.
  • Robust build API. Intercept events in Tugboat to sanitize the database, run tests, etc.
  • Pre-configured builds for static HTML, Drupal, WordPress, and LAMP stacks.
  • Unlimited users, unlimited repos and unlimited builds.